On August 14 - 15, 2014, The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) will host the III Brazilian Meeting on Research Integrity, Science and Publication Ethics (III BRISPE), focusing on Institutional Practices for the Promotion of Scientific Integrity and Responsible Conduct in Research. The purpose of this event is to foster discussion and an exchange of experiences centered on the nature and conditions necessary for establishing and preserving research integrity.

In offering this event, FAPESP continues its systematic policy of promoting integrity in scientific research. Publication of FAPESP´s Code of Good Scientific Practice is an important hallmark of this policy.

Participants will include researchers and policymakers from national funding agencies, editors of scientific journals, and members of scientific societies. FAPESP has invited speakers from the United States, Norway, Germany and Brazil.

In this event, the local committee of the  4th World Conference on Research Integrity (4th WCR) will have a strategy meeting. The goal of this meeting on the  4th WCRI at FAPESP is to maximize participation of delegates from Brazil and other countries, especially those in Latin America!