Call for Proposals

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Deadline for proposals is extended to November 1, 2014.

Those who submitted proposals by the original deadline of October 1, 2014, will receive notice of acceptance or decline by October 15, 2014.

Those who submit proposals by the revised deadline of November 1, 2014, will receive notice of acceptance or decline by November 15, 2014.

The 4th World Conference on Research Integrity invites proposals for presentations and posters in two categories: research papers on research integrity and reports or analyses of related issues.

The theme of the Rio conference is,
"Research Rewards and Integrity: Improving Systems to Promote Responsible Research”.

Proposals related to this theme are of particular interest. Such proposals might consider research integrity in relation to: funding systems, research institutions, reward and incentive systems, evaluation or assessment of research, peer review and publication systems, tenure and promotion reviews, commercial incentives, innovation, graduate and postdoctoral training, or systems of oversight and regulation.

In addition, we welcome proposals related to the following focal issues for the conference, research integrity in relation to: transparency in research, decision-making by funders, national measures of progress in responsible research, or behavioral economics.

Further topics appropriate to the conference are suggested by the programs of the previous conferences (see below), including, for example, researchers' experiences, development of national and institutional policies, instruction in the responsible conduct of research, approaches to handling misconduct cases, the research environment, etc. Please note that the conference does not address topics in bioethics that are unrelated to research integrity.

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